Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Oils Are A Girl's Best Friend

     Well hello everyone! Hope your morning is going well! Wynni here with some natural remedies for hair and skin.
Not too long ago, I was skyping Penny while she had coconut oil in her hair. Now, I’d heard of coconut oil for your skin, but never on your hair, so I decided to try it out myself.

And girls, believe me, it worked.
The coconut oil in my house is used for not just baking and silky, smooth legs, but for softer, shinier hair! I smoothed the coconut oil over my hair until it was completely coated, pushed it out of my face with an old headband, and pulled it back into a bun. It felt odd, but trust me, worth it! I showered at the end of the day and immediately noticed that my hair had a healthier, more natural look to it! I definitely recommend this for those with dry hair or just hair that needs a little lovin’. Now, since everyone’s hair is different with its own attitude, it may take multiple treatments or just one to make a difference!

     But wait, what did I say about coconut oil for your skin? Well, lately I’ve been using coconut oil on my legs after shaving, or my hands and arms instead of lotion. Like my hair, my skin has become much softer. And I smell good! But if you have sensitive skin, I do not suggest using this for your face. It might make big pores go away, but the little ones come back with a vengeance.
     But let me guess, there are some of you who can’t stand the smell of coconut, right? Well, then I suggest tea tree oil lotion for arms and legs. This lotion has a unique smell, that might be a little strong for some, but works wonder when it comes to softer skin. I use it every day on my hands, and keep a tube in my purse!
     So, that’s it for my post today. Try these out, ladies! You won’t be disappointed!
Rock Your Modesty,
Wynter Croix  

Friday, February 8, 2013

So Who IS Grace Archer?

Well. Grace Archer is the name Wynni and I picked to use while creating this google account. But both of us being writers, we couldn't just leave it at that. Well. Technically it wasn't our idea; it was Grace's. If you're a writer, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about....

Grace Archer is our fashionista mascot. As of yet, we do not have a picture of her, otherwise I'd post one so you could see what she looked like. But for now, you'll just have to wait.

Curiosity satisfied?


Don't Despair 'Til You Do Your Hair!

So I woke up this morning. Which was nice in and of itself, but then stayed in my pajamas all morning long chatting with friends on skype until my Mother gave me 'the look', and pj day came to an aburpt end. So I plodded upstairs and picked through my clothes to find an outfit to wear.

Since I hadn't worn it in a while, I decided to piece together this outfit again:

Obviously, my stuff isn't exactly like that polyvore set, detail wise, but the colors and styles are the same. So I put that on, but I couldn't find my blue scarf, so I opted for a green one. Standing in front of the bathroom mirror, I tried fiddling with the scarf several different ways, but as a whole, the outfit seemed far less impressive to me than it had when I'd worn it a couple weeks ago. So I just gave up, knowing I wasn't going anywhere that day so it didn't really matter, and went downstairs to do my hair.
Again, I was feeling a little less than motivated, so instead of going all the way through it (I have really thick, really curly hair), I just threw it up in a ponytail.
Then I got an idea. Finding my green scarf again, I tied it over my hair like a headband. I quite liked it. I dashed upstairs, retrieved my pink gypsy earrings, and came downstairs again with them on, looking in the mirror. The entire outfit had transformed, just with those few extra touches. It looked more coherent, less tired, and very me, in the end. All 'cause I did my hair.

One of the things I try to do with my clothes is draw attention more to my face than my body. There's nothing wrong with dressing attractively, but in the end, we modest gals want the eyes of others to meet our eyes when they look at us, not some other place. My problem? With my unkempt, frizzled bedhead, my face looked pretty tired and unimpressive. Once I gave the eyes something nice to look at, the rest of the outfit fell into place. I couldn't just get ready halfway, or it would look like I'd only gotten ready halfway.
I'm still not going anywhere today, but I'm quite glad I was able to figure this out. I like to look nice for my family, and even though at the end of the day they honestly don't think any less of me if my outfits aren't perfectly coordinated and my hair looks the same as when it did when I got out of bed, they do appreciate it when I've managed to put myself together well for the day. And that's a good feeling.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


......This blog has been sitting here for weeks with no posts. Not overly interesting.

So this is post number one, by Penny. I suppose here I should explain what exactly this blog is for, but to be honest, I'm not quite sure I know, myself. And I also don't necessarily feel like I'm servicing a dire need in the Christian community by coming up with a revolutionary new idea called 'modest fashion'. No, this idea has been around for a while. I just enjoy it, and want to share it, along with my friend Wynni. We both have bunches of fun putting together outfits, swapping nail polish colors and accessories, and decided, why not? Let's start a blog. So we did.

Neither of us are overly organized, so don't expect a specific schedule or sequence of events. Patterns, yes. Schedules, noooooo. We'll likely be sharing our little gems of discovery and favorite tidbits of wot nots and so forth. And yeah, we both talk like that, too.

So to start off completely randomly, here's me as a polyvore set:

That is my kind of style. I've worn outfits like that for the past few years, since I started choosing and buying my own clothes and developing my personal style. Generally, I'm a summer/spring dresser. Winter doesn't suit me very well at all, but since I now live in the midwest where winter is an anual event, I'm going to have to learn how to deal with it and still retain some semblence of attractiveness. Not something I've been succeeding at lately, but winter's almost over, so it's not that big a deal. Next year.

So let's see. A bit of advice. Hm.... I probably don't know anything that most other girls who enjoy fashion don't already know. I have several versatile skirts that I keep in my clothing arsenal and can pair with close to any of my tops, which makes dressing in the morning a heck of a lot easier than it could be. At the moment, most of my tops are pretty simple, as well. I believe I have three ribbed sweaters of similar design, but different colors, that I spice up with scarves, earrings, nail polish colors, and yes, socks. It keeps me warm, even if it's not my usual summer gypsy/tropical style.

One of the things I consider important, at least to myself, is that each outfit I wear feels like me. I wore an outfit the other day that, I confess, looked nice, in its own right. But I didn't like wearing it because it made me feel like I was wearing my Mother's style and not my own. To me, fashion is an expression of myself. It's me presenting my image to a world that in spite of its pithy mottos, really does judge a book by its cover to a certain extent. So I like to make the cover at least a little bit 'me'.

For some people that idea would make them self conscious. And I guess it does to me, as well, to some extent, but I've been picky about my clothes since I was little, and now it motivates me to dress nicely and keeps me from being able to hang around in slovenly clothes for very long. I don't believe it's vain to try and look nice each day. In fact, I think it's a blessing to others to put effort into being at the very least presentable.

So. Yeah. A bit of rambling, a polyvore set, and some words on fashion in general. I think that's good enough for a first post, hm?

Keep smiling,